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About Me

What is the Typewriter Poet?

I possess a natural flair at rhymes and creating insightful text at a fast pace. Always observing people and the environment that surrounds me I receptively map out the detail of a situation to deliver short poems and written pieces which guests will find not only humorous but unique to them. I sit down with an individual or couple and explore their traits, habits, behaviours and individuality. I then produce a short poem/written piece which is personal to that person/couple. The poem is then typed on a typewriter and handed to the person direct with a signature and date stamped. 

What events do I attend and people I meet?

Weddings, work events, couples, individuals. In fact anyone who wishes to have a memento from their their day at an event.

What is my background?

 I hold BA Hons Degree and a Post Graduate Diploma. In 2014 I started to work on personal writing projects and self-published my book, ‘Ranting Won’t Get You Anywhere’ which is available to buy on Amazon. I then produced children’s books including ‘Sausage Roll Sam’ and 'Drive Thru' Dylan'.  Additionally I have worked as a paid freelance writer and created various YouTube videos where I have road tested comedic ideas and observations.

My name is Lawrence but many people call me Larry. My native country is England and moved here for the better weather and so my seven-year-old son can be far more active. I am rapidly approaching the age of 40.

Why do I use a typewriter?

A general bemusement with technology and frustration with computers has driven me to go back in time. A type written piece is also in-perfect, signed, date stamped and designed to be from that moment only. The poem may well contain imperfections and small errors which can easily be omitted from a second or third draft. However, the charm of the poetry ARE the imperfections.

How much do it cost and what do I get? 

I visit your wedding or event and stay for three hours at a time to suit you. Preparation and packing away is done in my own time. The charge is $385 for a three-hour slot. This includes all my materials.

The Typewriter Poet

observational. fun. unique event poetry


The Typewriter Poet

North Lakes, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

0401 491 041 or email larrylawclarke@gmail.com

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